Are you ready to get off the “Hustle Hamster Wheel”, Generate Predictable Revenue, and IGNITE Your Sales Production

As a Business to business sales professional?

If you’re an entrepreneur or sales professional that’s been stuck in the sink or swim cycle in your high-ticket business to business sales…
And you haven't been able to break through to that next level of sales production and income…

Then there is one very important question to ask yourself:

Am I On The “Hustle Hamster Wheel”?

And if you’re ready to finally stop getting TRAPPED in the low 6-figures...

Then the Omnipresence Engine was created specifically to help entrepreneurs like you finally get real traction & experience consistent growth in their business….

….. instead of always hustling all the time just to keep the hamster wheel running for another month…..

The truth is, you know exactly what the being stuck in your production feels like….

Anxious, stressed, burned out, desperate…
If you've bought into the "grind culture” that so many influencers seem to be promoting...

If you’re tired of never having enough leads...of always having to hustle and grind week in and week out….and the entire sales process sometimes feels like trying to perform surgery….

If you find yourself operating from “scarcity” on sales calls because you don’t have enough leads, or a large audience to draw new leads from…

And then you find that the leads that DO come in are falling through the cracks because you don’t have a system of staying top-of-mind with them over the long term...

Then you ABSOLUTELY ARE on the Hustle Hamster Wheel (and it always ends with exhaustion, burnout, and capped sales growth).

If you feel like every month you’re starting over, and the next 30 days are going to be a hustle-fest as you do everything you can to hit your financial goals and stay afloat…

You might be on the Hustle Hamster Wheel.

If you get all of your new business from referrals...but you have no consistent, predictable source of leads….. Or no system of building predictability within your referral network...

(and you typically only get new leads through your personal investment of time and energy….so your lead generation efforts aren’t scalable….)

You could be on the Hustle Hamster Wheel.

If you have been tinkering with marketing, and you start your week off only to realize you haven’t booked any qualified sales calls… And your stomach drops when you consider the money you've wasted on ineffectual marketing and sales efforts..

You're probably on the Hustle Hamster Wheel.

If you find yourself operating from “scarcity” on sales calls because you don’t have enough leads, or a large audience to draw new leads from…

How to Harness the Power of The F.I.R.E. Formula, To Develop Predictable Lead Generation, and Create Powerful Leverage In Your Business
[Every Day. On Auto-Pilot.]

What if instead instead of having a more stressful business, you could instead see a continual increase in:

The number of targeted people who know who you are & the result(s) you deliver…
The number of inbound conversations with qualified leads that are reaching out to you...
The number of aligned opportunities with partners who you used to only be able to dream of working with...

Well….this is exactly what happens when you implement The F.I.R.E. Formula into your business.

And if the F.I.R.E. Formula is the method, the Omnipresence Engine is the vehicle that will help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for….

Have you discovered the power of the F.I.R.E. Formula yet to quickly monetize your audience, drive more sales, and become the leader in your niche?

Go here to see exactly how the Frequency, Intimacy, Relevancy, Efficiency Formula can transform your life and business, helping you IGNITE your sales production.

The Omnipresence Engine is a Sales Accelerator Service for entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are generating somewhere between $10k and $50k each month in business revenue and want to finally get off the Hustle Hamster Wheel….

It’s designed to get you moving quickly. This is a monthly Sales Accelerator Program. Once implemented, you will have a powerful, automatic, consistent lead generation process for your business….

….We’ll rapidly begin growing your audience on LinkedIn™ with targeted contacts through sales navigator. Once Identified, we’ll attempt to connect with them and will message them over the course of 30 days. Meanwhile, we will make you Frequent to them -- helping you own their attention each and every month….
...and the more often you’re in front of someone, the more you can consistently & deeply serve them -- helping build Intimate and long-lasting relationships with them that are real...
…. you’ll have consistent and magnetic content week-in and week-out in the form of social posts and LinkedIn™ articles that will make you unmistakably (and lucratively) Relevant to the people that you serve….
….and you’ll be utterly Efficient, knowing that you’ve properly delegated the revenue generating activities that will make a significant impact on your bottom line…

What IS
The Omnipresence Engine?

If you want to scale your sales production by consistently showing up on a deeper level to your audience through effective, done-for-you marketing….

...then you don’t need another program or course or webinar….

…..nor do you need a coaching program that proves to be so complex that you never implement...

Instead, what you need is the partnership of a team that’s already done it to help you implement a proven growth framework (in this case, The F.I.R.E. Formula) in a way that best fits your business, serves your market, and fulfills your goals.

What creates powerful, fast transformation is a done-with-you service, and that’s what you get with the Omnipresence Engine.

...it’s not just guidance, it’s ACTION -- plain and simple. We’ll tailor our approach to fit your business model, and will plug you into our winning framework to get real results.

The Omnipresence Engine is a service where a team of real humans implements LinkedIn™ prospecting and nurturing -- whereby we

identify your ideal prospects in LinkedIn™ Sales Navigator
Systematically reach out to 20-50 target prospects DAILY
Message your prospects over 30 days to attempt to ignite a conversation
Nurture your audience into sales over the long-term through 4-5 custom designed and hand-written social media posts each and every week
Build authority and maximize the organic reach of LinkedIn™ with a custom article 4 times per month to boost conversions and build know, like, trust relationships with your audience

This is what you need to take your production to the next level.

The Omnipresence Engine is a no-holds barred done-with-you growth program. We go to work with you to help you achieve the results you’ve been grinding for in your business by implementing a proven marketing framework on your behalf.

What Happens Inside of
The Omnipresence Engine?

In the Omnipresence Engine,
we break down your journey into 4 fundamental steps:

1. Onboarding & Message Crafting
2. Audience Targeting
3. Becoming Omnipresent
4. Audience Growth & Nurturing


Onboarding &
Message Crafting

The process begins by filling out our onboarding forms, and answering a set of questions that will give us the information we need to access your accounts, and begin creating content. By doing this, we’re able to better understand who you are, who you serve, who you’d like to attract, and how you attract them. This gives us a window into your business and brand, and allows us to build content that looks, sounds, and feels like you.


Audience Targeting

In this step, we will work with you to create a list of targeted prospects in LinkedIn™ Sales Navigator (which is a requirement for our service). You want leads? There they are… A typical Sales Navigator search can yield thousands of prospects just waiting to be brought into your ecosystem. Now they just need to know who you are, and how you can transform their lives through your service…


Becoming Omnipresent

This is where the magic happens. In this step, we’ll begin prospecting to the leads that we’ve just identified in our Sales Navigator search. In this portion of the Omnipresence Engine, we’ll begin systematically reaching out to 20-40 new prospects each and every day. And it doesn’t end there… Not only do we connect with them, but once they’ve accepted our connection request, we’ll message them with a pre-defined set of messages over the course of 30 days to attempt to build a real relationship, start a conversation, and generate interest in your offer. This is what will bring you a steady stream of new leads and clients almost instantly.


Audience Growth
& Nurturing

Everything we’ve built has lead to this. It doesn’t end with prospecting and weekly lead generation. Once we have our prospecting dialed in, we become your full-force marketing team month in and month out as we continue to create content, message new connections, build your audience with targeted prospects, and nurture them over the long-term (with little to no work from you). This is the ultimate leverage on your business, and will allow predictable results over the long-term.


Once you've implemented the Omnipresence Engine you will:

Have created a scalable lead generation machine that helps you provide deep transformation and significant results at scale
Have built an marketing system (inspired by the F.I.R.E. Formula) that automatically attracts, indoctrinates, and engages your perfect ideal clients for your offer
Have begun implementing the Omnipresence strategy into your business. With this, you will become “top of mind” for your target audience, elevate your impact, and own the attention of your market.
Have an audience that is not only growing, but that is being nurtured into clients over the long-term by a team of real humans that implement like clockwork.


If you’re ready to begin implementing The F.I.R.E. Formula
& become Omnipresent to your ideal customers
and clients on LinkedIn™...

...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call,
just to see if you’re a fit for our
done-for-you program.

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